Pre-Order Hidden Oddities: A Witch's Primer

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Pre-Order Hidden Oddities: A Witch's Primer
Pre-Order Hidden Oddities: A Witch's Primer

This Pre-Order is for Hidden Oddities: A Witch's Primer set to release late October. As seen in the Successful Kickstarter Campaign found here. Digital Goods will be sent out late October and then print rewards will be shipped at a later time.

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    Hidden Oddities: A Witch’s Primer contains 100+ pages of new game material and world-building content for 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons. In this book you’ll find the brand new Witch Class, 11 new Archetypes called Sacred Secrets, 2 new backgrounds, 100+ new spells, new items that any spellcaster could benefit from, and advice how to place witches into your world. This supplement is designed to work inside the system and to expand the options for Dungeon Masters and Players. 

    The Witch is a full caster without spell slots and instead uses Curios as minor magical items that can be filled with either spell slots or wondrous effects. These Curios can be kept all to the Witch or be handed out to party members to help increase their effectiveness. Improved Ritual Casting lets you cast any spell inside your spellbook as long as you have enough time and people to perform a Greater Ritual. Instead of preparing spells after every long rest you get to choose which Curios to recharge after any rest,

    The content itself is built around the concepts of making a Grim and Strange world. The spells that are currently in the book help expand spell selection options for Arcane and Divine spellcasters alike. 

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